Media relations

The media, or “4th Estate” as it is sometimes known.

Politicians aren’t generally fans of them, because they have this annoying ability to uncover the truth and expose the emperor’s new clothes.

But, as old journalistic hacks ourselves, we love (most of) the media, or the 4th Estate as they generally known. And seeing as we also like our clients, we do our best to bridge the gaps between the two of them by using that ago-old idea of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. So we don’t do puffery. Neither do we tell lies. We have an aversion to spin. We don’t use social media spy bots, as others have done. And we don’t pretend that we can get our clients onto the front page of the biggest Sunday newspaper in the country – unless, of course, they deserve to be there for one or other misdemeanour.

We just write good old-fashioned copy about our clients and their businesses in the way the journos like getting it. KISS.

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