For the love of two bread rolls

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The best communication is understandable, straight forward, and yields a satisfactory response. That so many of us get frustrated communicating through digital media, not least through online shopping, illustrates that digitisation has not yet got its communication completely right. This brilliant and humorous presentation by BBC Wales aptly illustrates the absurdity we have all experienced in shopping online, or trying to do “simple” banking transactions, but ending up thoroughly disenchanted with contemporary communication. But of course, we return to it, because we have to! Quo Vadis offers communication services in a number of disciplines: good old fashioned writing, editing and training, and now digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Keep on flying with the Bokke!

Brilliant FlySafair! Excellent sponsorship, outstanding leveraging of the sponsorship by the most reliable airline in South Africa. You are Springboks yourselves, indeed, for providing the service you do to ordinary people in a world where service is lacking by so many others. Keep on flying high!



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