Beware your language

Beware the language used on Twitter isn’t harmful.

When social media is used as a megaphone for harmful content.
Donald Trump has used Twitter as a megaphone for his harmful words.

Social media is an incredibly powerful communication tool. Used proficiently, it promotes brands and the businesses behind them. But beware the language you use in social media. Short is not always good and can be misleading and destructive as former President Trump has shown by becoming the USA’s most unpopular President ever. This is partly a credit to his ability to use Twitter for his own purposes, making it a megaphone for much of his harmful communication. In so doing, he has brought a mighty power to the brink of insurrection, so much so that Twitter finally banned him. Social media is at its best used for positive messages. Quo Vadis Communications can help with social media, editing and writing to get the correct messages out in corporate reports, social media content and many other communication platforms. Contact us.

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