The redemptive earthworm

Theo Coggin, Chairman of Quo Vadis, writes: “Our thoughts today are with our American friends in particular, but also with millions of others the world over who decry violence. During our recent visit to the US we visited the site of the primary 9/11 attack. It is indeed memorable. What struck me, however (and some will understand, knowing me), was how life in all its great diversity is always present, no matter how evil humankind can be.

earthworm at 9/11 site in New York illustrating redemptive life

Standing on the kerbside as we were approaching the memorial my attention was drawn to this earthworm – alive in spite of the hugeness of the buildings around it and the thousands of people tramping around, alive in spite of the massive building operations that had and were still in progress, and alive in spite of the most foul of deeds committed in the destruction of the twin towers and blowing up of the other planes. Life, whatever its form, is redemptive.” (By Theo Coggin)

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